Kompa is an engineering company
that specializes in cutting edge electronic
and power electronic devices.

About us

KOMPA sp. z o.o. is a high technology engineering office founded in 2009. We specialize in designing electronic and power electronic devices, from idea to complete industrial use products. We also develop advanced software including FPGA DSP and tailored control algorithms. Our strong scientific background ensures innovation and state of the art solutions. Global corporational customers and delivery of products to SEMI industry proof our prefessionalism and focus on best practices. In our designs we transform our engeneering skills and experience into reliability, efficiency and compliance with relevant standards. read more


Power electronics

Products & services

Delivering ground-breaking products is a key to our success. We harness the latest scientific innovations and cutting-edge technologies to teke you beyond limitations of off-the-shelf devices. World-class engineers are our guarantee for providing reliable and optimized products. Their experience, individual approach and custom-made solutions allow us not only to compete with market leaders, but also to outperform them in many aspects, such as price, time to market and quality.

When customers representing various fields of industry build a special purpose machines, transportation means, production lines or generally some novel concepts, usually they can't buy appropriate electronic and power electronic systems off the shelf. When you are not familiar with electronic devices production, we offer project along with the small series production, testing and certification of the required electronic devices.

In case of high-technology electronic companies, we usually sell specially designed projects on the exclusive intellectual property basis. These companies prefer to manufacture the product on their own. Sometimes our project is a key part of a product combining different technologies, developed by our customer.


IoT consulting to define options and value added

Recently our customers are interested more and more in the IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions. We analyse customer application and draft options how to implement these technologies in order to add maximum value to customer's business. We assess if optimal solution is ready hardware, or new one should be developed. We draft technical specification, and other parameters of future product like target cost, time to market, production technology, components sourcing and quality control. We also specify software to be used. Read more...


Customers all around the world have trusted us to bring them solutions that strengthen their technical dominance.
Working with established multinational companies and startups we have built relationship and established a reputation for success,
from Silicon Valley, through the technical powerhouse of Germany, to innovation leaders from Japan, China and South Korea.

Our Mission

  • Develop product for customer commercial success
  • Find innovative, state of the art technical solution to customer problem
  • Incorporate best practices, science and practicality
  • Use global state of the art components
  • Cost optimise BOM and production process
  • Develop functional product at highest quality
  • Assure certifications
  • Keep timeline
  • Always listen to and support customer